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Adult Career Training

Are you thinking about a career as an electrician?

Would you like to be able to perform electrical work in your own home and know it is done correctly?

Do you work for an electrical contractor in their office or in the field and want more specialized training? 

We add to our course selection often so check back regularly to see what is new. 

These courses are available at selected IEC NY Chapter Campuses. Check the campus schedules here and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated of new course additions. 

The below classes generally run between August and May 

Our current courses include:

Basic Electricity

Become familiar with the theory and principles of electricity, including the concepts of voltage, current, resistance, power, energy calculation, Ohm's Law and the relationship of these elements. You will also learn about direct current, receive an introduction to alternating current and its affect in circuits containing inductors, capacitors, transformers and relays. Emphasis in this course in on theory.
36 Hour Course, 3 Hours a Night - $400.00. Pre-Register HERE 

Commercial Wiring

This course deals with commercial applications of electricity found in mulit-family dwellings, small stores and businesses. Included in this program are theory and practice in blueprint reading, methods of mounting hardware, transformer connections, motor feeders, and lighting.
36 Hour Course, 3 Hours a Night - $450.00. Pre-Register HERE

Industrial Automation (PLCs and Robotics)

Industrial automation is the use of control systems including computers (programmable logic controllers - PLCs), robots and related information technologies to manufacture products. This course provides in-depth knowledge and skills on both the PLC and robot components of industrial manufacturing processes. Practical experience is obtained working with PLC and robotic systems in the classroom. Web based lessons and simulations teach theoretical knowledge online.

The PLC component covers electrical safety and the installation, programming, troubleshooting and maintenance of PLC hardware and software. The information presented will enable you to effectively install, program and troubleshoot PLC hardware and input/output (I/O) curcuits. PLC topics include Machine and Process Control, PLC Components, Hardware Configurations, Power Supplies, Discrete I/O Modules, Analog I/O Modules, PLC Programming, Processor Operations, Troubleshooting, Diagnostics and Commissioning.

The robot component covers human and industrial robot safety and the installation, programming, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of a robot. Robot topics include Fundamentals of Robotic Systems, Robot Components, Applications of Robots, Sensors, Power Systems, Controllers, End Effectors and Tooling. you will obtain practical experience working with an ABB IRB-120 industrial robot.
72 Hour Course, 3 Hours a Night - $1100.00. Pre-Register HERE

Industrial Electricity

This in-depth program provides knowledge and skills on electrical safety, control circuits, AC motors, ladder logic and troubleshooting. The information presented will enable you to construct and troubleshoot electrical control circuits. More than 300 topics are covered in 10 units of study. Thirty job activities provide "hands-on" experience using "real-world" industrial electrical hardware.

Theory instruction includes electrical control components and control circuit operation. Topics include: Electrical Safety, Control Transformers, Overcurrent Protection, Pushbutton Stations, Limit Switches, Solenoids, Relays, Timers and Counters, Three Phase Motors, Contactors and Motor Starters, Ladder Logic and Electrical Drawings, and Jogging and Plugging.

What you will be able to do:

  • Explain and follow appropriate safety procedures for working on electrical control circuits
  • Effectively troubleshoot and repair electrical control circuits
  • Identify and test control components for proper operation
  • Draw and interpret wiring and schematic (ladder) diagrams
  • Connect, test and troubleshoot control circuits

96 Hour Course, 3 hours a Night - $1200.00 Pre-Register HERE

Residential Wiring

This course covers both the essential and practical aspects of residential wiring including installation techniques, tools, electrical boxes, cables, switches and receptacles. You will use materials and tools to set up and test typical circuits, while applying the theory and provisions of the National Electrical Code.
36 Hour Course, 3 Hours a Night - $525.00 Pre-Register HERE 

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