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IEC New York Certificate Programs

Below you will find the IEC NY Certificate Programs. These have less requirements than our apprenticeship program and are a great way to get valuable experience in the electrical field. All these programs come with an IEC NY Certificate when completed and passed with a 70% or higher grade.  One way we are set apart from other programs is that we will place you as an intern for a minimum of 8 hours a month with an electrical contractor to gain on the job training experience. 

These programs DO NOT require you to be employed with an electrical contractor and do not require you to do on the job training. 

While you are enrolled in these programs we here at IEC NY Chapter will assist you in finding employment with an electrical contractor. You can start in one of these courses and transfer to our Apprenticeship Program as well. 

All of the IEC NY contractor members will accept this training when you are looking for employment.  This training will help give you the upper hand when applying for work as an electrician. All of our programs are recognized with the NY department of labor. 

1 Year Intro to Electrical program
42-week program 
NO on the job training required
Receive IEC NY Credits towards the 5-Year Apprenticeship after passing. We will give you 144 classroom hours towards your first year apprenticeship course. This lets you take the first year placement exam and if passed start as a second year apprentice. 

This course is available online only

Total cost of the course is $1,500 if paid in full and includes all books and materials. 
Financing is available for this program. 

Email us for more information. Pre Register HERE 

Do yourself a favor and compare the advantages of the IEC NY programs to other trade schools and you will see not only will you save yourself a lot of money you will also start your career off almost debt FREE !

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