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IEC NY Apprenticeship Curriculum

Year One

Objective: To provide the student with instruction in practical aspects of electrical theory, introduction to National Electrical Code (NEC), basic wiring methods, elementary blueprint reading, instruction in use of tools, and conduit bending. Instruction will include consistent reminders of safe jobsite practices.

Major topics covered are hand tools; safety/OSHA10 and first aid/CPR; sexual harassment; technical mathematics; basic electrical theory; National Electrical Code (NEC); blueprint reading; electrical wiring methods; branch and feeder circuits; lighting and receptacle outlets; basic concepts of circuit protection; basic concepts of lighting; and conduit bending, knots, and basic rigging.

Year Two

Objective: To provide the student with fundamentals of AC circuit theory, AC/DC motors, generators, and alternators, industrial and commercial wiring, and continued jobsite safety practices.

Major topics covered are electrical measuring instruments; AC electricity and circuits; series, parallel circuits, and three-phase circuits; resistive, inductive, capacitive series, and parallel circuits; transformers; generators; motors; alternators; National Electrical Code (NEC); industrial and commercial wiring systems; service and feeder calculations; grounding, bonding, and over current protection; and hazardous locations.

Year Three

Objective: To interpret blueprints and construction drawings and properly install electrical wiring for single phase and three phase motors and their controls as well as jobsite safety practices.

Major topics covered are construction drawings, grounding of electrical equipment, motor controls, application and installation of motor control devices, logic and line diagrams, hazardous locations, signs and sign connections, fiber optics, and National Electrical Code (NEC).

Year Four

Objective: To provide the student with troubleshooting skills for solid state, photoelectric, electro-mechanical electronic control devices, lighting protection, grounding and design, load calculations, and leadership. Review and complete jobsite safety training.

Major topics covered are electrical safety; solid state, photoelectric, electro-mechanical, proximity, and programmable electronic control devices; AC reduced voltage starters; preventative maintenance and troubleshooting; fire alarms systems and fire protection signaling systems; NEC and safety standards and regulations; services, switchboards, and panelboards; conductors and over current protection devices; lighting protection and grounding; designing and installing wiring systems; troubleshooting circuits, outlets, motors, motor compressors, and transformers; hazardous locations; load calculations; leadership; National Electrical Code (NEC).

Year Five

Objective: To provide the student with the fundamental skills of a journeyworker/foreman including jobsite management, estimating and drawings as well as further instruction in motor controls and an introduction to fire alarms.

Major topics covered photovoltaic, construction jobsite management, fundamentals of construction estimating, understanding construction drawings, motor controls, fire alarms, and asbestos awareness. SST training, if required by NYC DOD.



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